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Save Elephant Foundation is a Thai non-profit charity aiming to assist elephants living in Thailand.

We have selected Save Elephant Foundation as our Charity of choice to help with Elephant Preservation.

Area of work – Responsible Tourism

Featured Project – Surin Project

Aims and Aspirations – This charity organization stresses the quality of life of captive elephants, and it tries to change the nature of elephants’ employment through responsible volunteer tourism.

The elephant owners are free to participate in the project with their elephants.  Offering the tourists walks and baths with the elephants in their natural environment, giving a healthier alternative to the elephants’ employment.

The charity provides a variety of similar projects.

What you will find on their website – Videos, articles & news sources, a list of volunteering projects and a separate video channel.

How to get involved – Click the link below to search for projects to participate in.  Get the chance to observe the elephants in their natural environment. You can also sponsor an individual project or visit the charity’s shop. Alternatively, look at the charities wish list of the items they require.

Contact – Thailand
Phone: +66 (0) 53 272 855

Visit their Website

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