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We offer four levels of complimentary club membership which will establish the minimum number of bottles you'd like per year.  Once our club reaches maximum capacity our wine will not be available except to wine club members.  Waiting list will be established.

1.  Ko Zo - 3 bottles twice a year for 10% discount. - SOLD OUT - Waiting list only
2.  Zo  - 6 bottles twice a year for 15% discount.
3.  Mammoth - 12 bottles twice a year for a 20% discount.
4.  Ambassador - 12 bottles three times a year for a 25% discount, shipping included, plus 1 free night at Inn

Other Membership benefits include: 

1.  Apply your club discounts to all our products and services, (rooms, bikes, transportation, etc.)
2.  Access to all wine, and customize your club order with whatever wine you want.
3.  12 month room reservation booking window (vs 6 month for public)
4.  Extended stay options (vs 3 day maximum for public)
5.  Complimentary farmstay experiences and VIP treatment at our winery. 
6.  Exclusive invites to annual winemaker dinners and events.
7.  Maintain your membership and use your loyalty points to redeem for products and services.
8.  Ambassadors get priority winemaker dinner invites to events in your home towns.

Sign up for FREE and join the club below, or call us at 707-794-6060 and tell us you'd like to join.

Membership Request
SOLD OUT Waiting list only - Ko Zo - 3 bottles twice annually (10% discount)
ZO - 6 bottles twice annually (15% discount)
Mammoth - 12 bottles twice annually (20% discount - shipping included)
Ambassador - 12 bottles three times annually (25% discount - shipping included and free night at estate)
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