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Our Loyalty Program

Zo Wines is a Farmstay.  We provide our guests with agritourism educational experiences.  As you join our complimentary Farmstay club and commit to a level of involvement in our products and services, we will create a loyalty point bank account dollar for dollar of what you spend on all the things we do here at Zo Wines.

Each dollar spent gets captured in our system, be it for Farmstay experiences, overnight stays, tours, merchandise, bike rentals, etc.  (wine is not included due to regulations).

Each dollar spent is banked and can be spent in the future for members in good standing.  If a member cancels or lapses in their commitment they may forfeit their points.

Loyalty points are redeemable for Farmstay overnight accommodations, Farmstay wine experiences, bike rentals, and tours.

Each Loyalty point is worth 1/20th of a dollar.  You can see your loyalty points by logging in to your account.  Please contact us to redeem your points when you make reservations or want to make purchases.  You will soon be able to log in and buy certain products online with your points!