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David Eckert
March 15, 2020 | News and Updates | David Eckert

How to do wine tasting while practicing Social Distancing at Zo Wines

We have created a private, host-less, self directed wine tasting experience and it could not come at a more important time!

Our virtual wine tasting experience can be done at our winery in a private and beautfiul setting of Dry Creek Valley, or in the comfort of your own home.

We prepare the wines, tasting notes, and a video to guide you through your tasting experience that can viewed on a smartphone, computer, tablet, or smart TV.  If your able to come to our site, we prepare the setting, pre-pour the wines and set everything up for you to come, relax and enjoy a self guided tasting with all the social distance you need.  We are here to support you, but we will give you the space you need.  You can taste, learn, enjoy, buy and take out wine without any physical contact with anyone if that is your desire.

If at home, you order the kit, and we send the wine to you along with instructions on how to set it up, and get access to the videos or even a live feed to our staff if schedules permit.  All you need are some wine glasses, wi-fi access, a smart device or computer, and ideally some friends to share the experience.

Contact us for details and we can set you up with your own socially distant and appropriate tasting experience at Zo Wines, or a self directed virtual remote wine tasting experience at your home.



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